ESPNRadioWe are gearing up for a fast a furious set of away games.

Here is what the players will need for our first trip:

What to bring:

  • Practice gear (Grey Shirts) for Friday afternoon training in Grand Junction
  • All players should have already paid for their hotel stay last weekend.
  • Red uniform; however always bring both sets of uniforms and warm ups, etc.
  • Cash for Friday dinner; we are getting group “take out” from Olive Garden. (Approx. $10)
  • Bring Money for Snack/drinks for road trip
Players should wear their red Polo to school on Friday.
If parents are at the game and want to drive their son home after a game, they may do so, but please inform the coach before you leave. If you would like your son to have permission to ride home with another family, please give a note to Rob before departure.