Help the Steamboat Women’s Soccer Team and the Steamboat Springs Booster Club in their fundraising in our annual Spring Flower Sale.

Below you will find all fo the offerings for this year’s fundraiser. Orders for this year are due in by Saturday, April 30th, 2016. Flowers will be available for pick up by Thursday, May 26th.

Order Forms  can be dropped in the office (collection box) or given to Margaret Graham to be taken to the office.

Please be sure that you put Steamboat Women’s Soccer on the order form under sport so the team receives the credit for our sales.

Any questions please call Margaret at 970-846-7573

Patio Planter

PatioPlanter-FlowerFundraiserInstant garden for your patio! Mixed Annuals in a faux terracotta 12” high x 11 3/4” high container. (Combinations will vary).


Mixed Annual Hanging Basket

MixedAnnualHangingBasket-FlowerFundraiserIf you missed out last year, be sure to snag one of these beautiful baskets for yourself! A mix of annuals combined in a 12” hanging container. (Combinations will vary).


Geranium Hanging Basket

GeraniumHangingBasket-FlowerFundraiserA favorite every year! Ivy Geranium with trailing greenery in a 12” hanging container.
(Geranium colors will be a variety of reds)


“Cool Wave” Pansy Hanging Basket

CoolWavePansyHangingBasket-FlowerFundraiserGreat early and late season color! Pansies only in a 12” hanging container (Colors will vary)


$35 per flat (12 – 4 packs)


Pansy4pack-FlowerFundraiserA mix of pansy colors will be available to choose from.

$35 per Flat


Petunias4pack-FlowerFundraiserA mix of petunia varieties and colors will be available to choose from. Enjoy all summer long!

$35 per Flat


Snapdragons4pack-FlowerFundraiser6 -10” mature height. A variety of colors will be available to choose from.

$35 per Flat



Geraniums-FlowerFundraiser1 gallon containers ready for you to plant in your own containers or gardens.

$12 each

Succulent Planter

SucculentPlanter-FlowerFundraiser5” square container garden Enjoy year ’round indoors and outdoors – a great gift idea!

$16 each