Do you need help around the house, on your farm, moving furniture, babysitting? Do you wish you had access to a group of motivated high school students to help you? Do you want to help those students to travel to an international soccer competition that will be a highlight in there young lives while getting a tax write off* for yourself or your business? Introducing Sailor Work.

In July 2015, 50 players (4 teams) from the men’s and women’s soccer programs at Steamboat Springs High School will be traveling to the Norway Cup, the largest youth soccer competition in the world. Players will be staying in classrooms at local high schools in Oslo, Norway, where teams from all around the world will be staying. It should be an AMAZING experience…to say the least!

Each player must raise $2800 individually to join the team in Norway.

Here’s how you can help. Fill out the form below letting us know what work or task you could use help with. Let us know how many players you could use and for how long. Lastly let us know how much you are willing donate to get the work completed.  All donations will be split 80/20 to the player/team.

*All donations will be processed through the Steamboat Soccer Club, a registered 501c3 charity organization.

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