Mark your calendars for: Thursday, February 11th for the progressive dinner!
Time: Meet at the High School at 4:30pm. We will end around 8-9pm. More to come on this later.

What is it: A chance to have fun together as an entire program before season starts. A progressive dinner takes the girls on a scavenger hunt through town where there are several different stops along the way (some of which include food). Prizes will be awarded to the team with the first place finish. 

Below you will find a list of teams and drivers for the progressive dinner.  This is for parents to see who is driving their daughters that night and for everyone to see that we did our best to make teams by making it a mixture of grades/classes.

If you are listed on a team and CANNOT attend, let Erin know ASAP.

Meet at the high school at 4:30pm. Scavenger hunt will begin promptly at 5pm after rules and teams have been spelled out.

This is a team bonding event and this will be one among many opportunities to grow and develop as ONE. All girls will be given specific instructions and rules about the rules of the road and how they are to be respected on this scavenger hunt. Any rule-breaking will not be tolerated.

Teams (Driver listed in Bold)

#1: Eliza Leeson, Kelly Petix, Mackenzie Ward, Ashley Spiegel
#2: Katie Brodie, Keelan Vargas, Sammy Stabile, Jazlyn Lynch,
#3: Carolyn Walters, Maggie Henry, Julia Wong, Autumn Graham
#4: Caleigh Greene, Eli Roach,Tess Richey, Meg Anderson,
#5: Jordi Floyd, Jennie Adler, Skylar Leeson, Lauren Graham,
#6: CC Wheeler, Lilli Turton, Sierra Good, Julia Congdon, Jessica Colombo
#7: Megan Williams, Ruthie Gorrell, Ellie Kavanaugh, Leah Rowse, Mikayla Totman
#8: Natalie Bohlmann, Teagan Ludwick, Raya Duryea, Brooke Buchannan
#9: Ocoee Wilson, Caitilin Musselman, Quincey Pugh, Harriet Leeson

We need your help: A progressive dinner is only successful when we have a house to stop by for a portion of our meals! We need one house to be our appetizer house, one house to be our meal house, and one to be our dessert house. If you are willing to offer up your home or help provide food to one of these houses, please email Erin at **If you volunteer your house, please don’t tell your daughter! Its best to be kept a secret!**

Thanks so much, if you have any questions, please email Erin at