Steamboat Soccer will be joining Bear Creek, Dakota Ridge, Littleton and D’evelyn High Schools, in Denver, on February 28th for a day of Scrimmages and preparation for our upcoming Women’s Soccer Season.
Varsity matches will be 30 min. games with 10 min. in between each round and will be played at Bear Creek High School.
Bear Creek has a full size turf field and another long and narrow grass field so we all can get a good feel for the different types of fields we all will probably see this year.
JV matches will be 40 min. with a 10 min. break in between and will be played at Dakota Ridge High School.
Each JV site will host three teams so each team, at each site will play twice. Dakota Ridge is a full size grass fields.
We will not have any officials at these matches so please let’s all do an honest job of making calls during our matches.
Directions to each school: